HVAC-Compatibility designs and supports wireless telemetry systems for wireless and/or remote HVAC control. Remote wireless thermostats, Thermostat Adapter Interface, Cloud Wi-Fi adapters and Temperature Sensors for energy efficiency and optimal temperature control in the most needed areas. 


Discover which control is compatible with your HVAC System

HVAC control is very important in a building for many reasons. Efficient and effective HVAC Control solution can reduce energy consumption and energy costs by controlling the amount of energy used depending on the demands of a building type or specific area in a building.

A comprehensive range of  HVAC controls enables  cost-effective and efficient control of HVAC equipment. The choice of an HVAC controller is dependent on system compatibility. Before settling on a particular HVAC control solution such as  thermostats and sensors, Wireless Interface Adapter, Third-party thermostat interface adapters, and/or HVAC IR Remote controllers, check to see if the model you want works with your HVAC system.


An HVAC Control Solution encompasses a large percentage of a building’s power consumption and having a suitable control equipment is crucial to the building’s efficiency and the comfort of those in the building as well.

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Take control of each room in your home with the push of a button on any compatible smartphone or tablet via an App using a Wi-Fi / Wireless Interface Adapter. Most thermostats support standard HVAC systems, but some may be compatible with a select few.

There is a wide range of residential / commercial thermostats , with options to suit any HVAC need providing accuracy, efficiency and energy savings. Compatibility of a thermostat often depends on the features associated with the HVAC system that is already installed.