In the hotel industry, guest comfort is so important that guest rooms should have individual climate control offering heating and cooling on demand, low sound levels, and good indoor air quality. To lower energy costs, Hotels tend to optimize the HVAC systems installed.



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 Hotels are focused on air conditioning solutions that offer flexibility, sustainable growth/health, and well-being. Hotels can reduce energy costs, simplify maintenance, and meet sustainability goals with greater automation and efficiency through selected air conditioning systems and controls. Hotels are increasingly interested in using occupancy-based control (OBC) systems to reduce the energy used by unoccupied guest rooms.


We offer you an extended range of HVAC products and solutions for the hotel industry. For a new build or a refurb project, the HVAC solutions we offer for hotels help reduce energy costs, simplify maintenance, and meet sustainability goals with greater automation and efficiency. Our focus is on indoor comfort with accurate temperature control and reliable supply,  and  Innovative products and HVAC controls enabling smart IoT solutions.

Types of HVAC Systems Used by Hotels

• Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs)

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs)

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) are typically self-contained air Conditioners (ACs) for individual rooms. The PTAC is typically installed below a window, unit on the exterior wall. For cooling, air passes over the coil which attracts and exhausts heat plus humidity via the external grille. For heating, the heat pump reverses the cooling cycle, the refrigerant heats the coil which heats the room when air passes over.


Cheaper that the other options for multi-room operation
Low noise
Easy to operate

• Vertical Terminal Air Conditioners (VTACs)

Vertical Terminal Air Conditioners (VTACs)

Vertical Terminal Air Conditioner (VTAC) is a compact through-the-wall packaged system providing heating and cooling functions for single or multiple guestrooms. The unit is typically installed in the corner of a room in a closet-like enclosure where the air is discharged through the top of the unit into one or several rooms. For cooling, air passes over the coil which attracts and exhausts heat plus humidity via the external grille. For heating, the heat pump reverses the cooling cycle, the refrigerant heats the coil which heats the room when air passes over. Typically, cannot provide dehumidified fresh air to space. The fresh air comes from a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) or outside/dehumidified air directly ducted to the guestroom.


Low noise levels
Versatile as it can be used in both multiple and single-zone operations
Expensive because separate components are needed for each indoor unit

• Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) units

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) units

VRF systems use a single outdoor condensing unit that connects to multiple guest rooms. Outdoor condensing units can be installed outside at grade or on the roof. The fan coil is placed at the guestroom entry foyers or bathrooms. For cooling, the VRF condenser pumps cold refrigerant to each fan coil which cools the air passing over it. For, heating, the VRF condenser reverses the cooling cycle, and hot refrigerant is pumped to each fan coil heating the air passing over it, therefore, heating the room. The fresh air comes from a separated dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) or outside/dehumidified air directly ducted to the guestroom.


Low noise levels
High energy efficiency
• Through-The-Wall Air Conditioners (TTWs)

 Through-The-Wall Air Conditioners (TTWs)

This is a common minimalist system installed through the wall. It includes a powerful fan.


Remote control feature available
Programmable thus saving on energy bills
Has an adjustable louver to guide air to a designated location

Importance of climate control in Hotels

• Customer comfort
• Staff performance
• Hygiene and safety

HVAC Control Solutions for the Hotel Industry

Controlling hotel rooms based on occupancy saves significant amounts of energy providing you can limit each room's HVAC to running only when guests are present. With the help of our HVAC control specialists, you can use a range of controllers and sensors to ensure your guest’s experience is as pleasant while saving on energy.

Choosing the right HVAC system for a comfortable hotel

HVAC systems are a hugely important component within hotels that contribute to customers’ comfort expectations. HVAC compatibility helps you in selecting the right HVAC system or a suitable comfort control system whether for a new build or a refurb project.
Besides excellent services, room temperature and indoor air quality are critical factors in Hospitality Industry for guest satisfaction.

What are the Key Factors to Consider?

Low Noise Levels
Hotel Guests expect to enjoy noise-free quality sleep. Disruptions because of running HVAC systems may lead to business losses from negative reviews and ratings.

Economical and Simple Installation and Maintenance
No one would like to break the bank to get HVAC units when there are cheaper options that can still get the work done. For example, a hotel owner may prefer PTACs which unlike other types of air conditioning need no ductwork. Using wall sleeves, they are placed directly through the wall.

Any issues with HVAC systems in the hotel should be resolved right away so that guests and staff are comfortable. The maintenance team needs the expertise to do high-quality maintenance while ensuring safety.

Energy-Efficient Operation
It is important to confirm the energy ratings of the units to help analyze total operation costs before purchase. Energy-efficient heat pumps and AC provide room heating which is economical. New innovative heat recovery technologies optimize energy by offering free heating and/or hot water from dry contact.

Simplicity of Operation
Guests need to have a good time without the pressure of finding it hard to learn and operate HVAC systems thus user-friendliness is a big deal.

Accurate Temperature Control
A guest may not consider a facility where they must fiddle with controls all night to enjoy their comfort.
There are HVAC systems that allow you to have a portable remote controller or remote thermostat close to the bed. This is vital for precise reading of the room temperatures so that guests can stay comfortable.

Ability to Offer Targeted Temperature Control
A highly targeted technique of heating and cooling several units within a single hotel building is provided by air conditioners with electric heat units, either resistive electric heat or a heat pump. This results in significant monthly energy cost savings for hotel operators.

Selecting Best Hotel Thermostats

Hotel occupants need to feel comfortable and have an effortless experience when operating thermostats in their rooms.
There are several factors that determine the thermostat that will be installed in a hotel room. This is necessary to keep in mind the random occupancy patterns.

Ease of operation- The thermostat should have clear operation instructions of use so that they do not waste time fiddling with settings.

Easy setup- Best thermostat should be easy to install without needing lots of cabling and technical guidance thus cutting down on costs.

Scheduling- They need to allow the creation of schedules to match the guest's heating and cooling needs.

Intuitive in design- The thermostat should be simple to grasp and use. The majority of modern thermostats have touchscreens that make it simple to adjust.

Energy-saving operation- When selecting thermostats, one needs to consider those with energy-saving features which in the long run will cut energy consumption.

Remote access and management- This is needed for access to real-time and historical information about the HVAC system running in the hotel room in order to identify what needs special attention.

Diagnostic Alerts- Smart thermostats should be able to detect malfunction or inefficiency and provide alerts that can prevent breakdown.

Top Hotel Thermostats

Honeywell Inncom E7w Wireless Thermostat

Honeywell Inncom E7w Wireless EMS Thermostat

Honeywell Inncom E7w thermostat is a digital wireless programmable thermostat that provides comfort and control reducing HVAC energy costs. It can be paired with wireless door/window, indoor temperature, outside temperature, and humidity sensors.

Carrier TB-PAC01-A Programmable Thermostat



The TB-PAC01-A RNC Series dual-powered thermostat is a perfect fit for hotel applications. It offers a user-friendly 5/2 day programmable schedule and a large backlit display for easy guest interaction.


Mitsubishi PAR-40MAAU Deluxe MA Wired Controller



PAR-40MAAU offers a user-friendly experience with its large backlit screen, intuitive menus, multi-language display, and convenient of weekly timer functions. It's a smart, simple and durable option for enhancing the control and comfort of your hotel's HVAC systems.

Verdant occupancy thermostat (Verdant VX Series thermostat)

Verdant occupancy thermostat (Verdant VX Series thermostat)

Verdant VX is a simple, modern, easy-to-install thermostat that is ideal for hotel rooms while saving on energy costs. It can be paired with remote occupancy and temperature sensors.


Carrier Comfort TC-PAC01-A Programmable Touch-N-Go Thermostat



Carrier Comfort TC-PAC01-A thermostat combines both style and practicality offering energy-saving programming features. The thermostat's user-friendly interface, easy-to-read display, and the convenience of both weekday and weekend programming make it an attractive addition to hotel rooms, ensuring guest comfort while saving energy.

SpaceLogic Thermostats- TH900

SpaceLogic Thermostats- TH900

SpaceLogic TH900 is an easy-to-use touchscreen thermostat ideal for PTACs and optimized for hotel and residential buildings.

Honeywell Home T10 WiFi Smart Thermostat

Honeywell Home T9 WiFi Smart Thermostat

Honeywell T10 is a simple stylish smart thermostat that allows hotel users to set schedules and ensure temperature adjustments making the room stay cozy.


Ecobee 5 EB-STATE5BR-01 Smart Pro Thermostat


Ecobee 5 EB-STATE5BR-01 is a sophisticated Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat designed for hotel applications. Among the features developed for this thermostat include occupancy detection which automatically enables the correct mode on your Ecobee5 for energy savings when it senses no one is hotel room. It also has built-in Alexa Voice Service.


Honeywell TH6320ZW2003 Programmable Thermostat


TH6320ZW2003 is a Z-Wave Plus-certified thermostat that can be easily controlled through any Z-Wave compliant controller equipped with thermostat device control capabilities. This enhances the guest/occupant experience.


Nest T3007ES Learning Thermostat


Nest T3007ES is a versatile smart Wi-Fi thermostat for hotel HVAC installations given it's compatible with 95% of 24V heating and cooling systems.

Breeze BC507-W-WIFI Thermostat

Breeze BC207-W-WIFI Thermostat

This is a high-end colorful touchscreen thermostat for use with boilers, underfloor water systems, and valves ideal for hotels and luxury residential buildings. It is easy to install and use with up to 35% energy saving.


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