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Air Conditioner Remote Controllers Functions

As the years go by, Air Conditioner controllers have become more complex and advanced in their operation. Through the incorporation of new technologies in the HVAC industry, the remotes have shown advancement together with AC units that they work in tandem with. The capabilities of controlling an air conditioner are matched with those of the accompanying remote. The two working as a pair results in exemplary operational user experience.

The primary act of operating a remote control can be quite challenging. This is owing to the level of technological advancement that can be quite overwhelming to an average user. No more reason to be worried about this. Outlined below include typical AC remote control functions that should be able to make the operation seamless. As expected, there are infinitesimal variations owing to the manufacturer’s inclination.

Mode Setting
Different mode buttons determine how an AC operates. A standard remote controller has COOL mode, HEAT mode, DRY mode, AUTO mode or FAN mode.
Cool mode : is a default setting for getting to experience cool air at a faster rate. This is energy efficient.
Heat mode:  is only applicable to those with heat pump units. This raises the temperature of the room to desired levels through having reversing flow of the refrigerant.
Dry mode: is basically a humidity function. It is a variation of cool mode which allow the compressor to cycle ON and OFF thus removing moisture and humidity in a room.
Auto mode: automatically senses and varies room temperature between COOL and HEAT.
Fan mode: is available on selected models. No cooling effect in the room is brought about by this mode. It only turns the indoor fan ON.

AC/DC inverter compressor control
This is an exclusive feature for selected AC and DC inverter units. This type of control provided comfortable cooling to room occupants as the temperature is mostly set be constant.

Fan speed control
Fan speed can be varied from Low, Medium, High, or Auto. Users can choose the preferred speed of the unit’s fan. Auto mode has an intuitive intelligent feature that determines fan speed based on the room temperature.

Economical mode
The goal of any HVAC system is to ensure comfort with energy-efficient functions. This mode, also known as sleep mode, comes in handy to save energy. In this state, the performance of the AC is doubled down. The unit will only raise the set temperature in steps depending on the set a time. Cooling required during sleep is less than when room occupants are awake.

Timer settings
The majority of AC remote control devices are equipped with a timer that enables them to be turned ON or OFF at certain set times. Some just delay timers This feature can help in saving energy. You wonder how? For instance, you plan to be using your air conditioner for only 4 hours while sleeping at night. Setting your timer to have the system turned OFF after this time does the magic.

Auto Rando Restart Function
This is among the most important features to examine before the purchase of a unit. This vital feature enables one to retain settings in the AC unit if there is a sudden power failure. The unit restarts to the most recent setting in the event that power is restored. The compressor is powered up simultaneously.

Air Louver Function Control
It is also known as the swing function. It aids in direct airflow in the preferred direction. This setting is mostly effected by arrow navigators. The majority of remote controllers have up and down control with advanced ones additionally having left and right control.


It features a high-voltage electronic module found in most indoor units. When this function is turned ON, the surrounding air is ionized with negative ions. This will attract positively charged ions in the room such as dust and other contaminants, ensuring fresh air.
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