HVAC gateways create a bridge between different network communication protocols working with multiple wired and wireless standards. This can be integrated with other compatible systems within the home such as locks, lights, and thermostats for building automation.

The integrated home system can be accessed from anywhere using your internet-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer on the user portal. The home router and broadband internet connection can be used to establish a connection.

Some manufacturers have a remote access fee needed for each unit when connecting to the wireless management system.


Contact our HVAC specialists for help in assessing your home for recommendations on the best gateway for integrated access to fit your needs.


See the table below for HVAC Gateways meeting specific requirements:



Compare HVAC Gateways Specs
Item Key Specifications Available at these Online Market Places

Venstar ACC0433

ACC0433 image

Compatible Brands: For Venstar
Connectivity: Wireless

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buy ACC0433 from Amazon


buy ACC0433 from Walmart


Friedrich EMOCT

EMOCT image

Compatible Brands: For Friedrich
Connectivity: Wireless, Ethernet

buy EMOCT from RFWEL Engr E-Store


Kasda BR200

BR200 image

Compatible Brands: For American Standard, For Trane
Connectivity: Wireless (Wi-Fi)
Frequency: 2.4 GHz, 900 MHz (ISM)

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Honeywell THM6000R7001

THM6000R7001 image

Compatible Brands: For Honeywell, For Mitsubishi Electric
Frequency: 900 MHz (ISM)

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Amana DT01G

DT01G image

Compatible Brands: For Amana
Connectivity: Wi-Fi
Frequency: 2.4 GHz

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Pro1 W150W

W150W image

Compatible Brands: For Pro1
Connectivity: Wireless
Frequency: 900 MHz

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